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Maine Divorce Separation AttorneysMarriage represents the legal status of a relationship. When a married couple decides that they no longer wish to continue the marriage, they are required to go through the legal process of dissolving the marriage.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Decisions and compromises will need to be made regarding property, children, and assets. Since these are significant issues that can impact the rest of your life and your children’s lives, many seek the help of a well-versed Maine family law legal time. 

Should You Hire a Maine Divorce Lawyer?

Most divorces have many complexities and nuances. Even if you are facing the simplest of divorces, it is highly likely that you could benefit from the services of a skilled lawyer. Hiring an attorney to protect your interests should be your first step if your divorce involves any of the following:

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Before You File for Divorce

Divorce is not a decision to be taken lightly, nor is it something you should jump into if you are not legally prepared. When you meet with one of our attorneys at the Maine Divorce Group, we can help you prepare for filing a divorcee petition and ensure that you meet all of the requirements for filing a divorce in this state. With the assistance of a qualified attorney, your preparation can increase the chances of outcomes in your favor. Depending on your specific circumstances, your attorney may recommend the following before you file for divorce:

  • Collect essential records such as financial statements, tax returns, your prenuptial agreement, and insurance policies
  • Inventory your physical, real, and investment property to help identify property that is part of the marital estate and property that is not
  • Remain in your family home or if you intend to leave, discuss your plans with your Maine family law attorney first
  • Think about the needs of your children
  • Secure your digital accounts and information so that your spouse cannot find incriminating evidence to use against you
  • Open your own financial accounts, however, talk to your lawyer before moving money around from joint accounts

The Maine Divorce Group Can Help

When one or both parties to a divorce have unrealistic goals, or they haven’t worked through the emotional issues surrounding the initial separation, such as feelings of betrayal, disloyalty, anger, and resentment, it prevents them from reaching the ultimate goal – to break free from an unhappy marriage and move on with life. Perhaps there are children involved that you’ll both need to co-parent effectively. We can help. 

When both parties want to separate amicably, we can help resolve your case efficiently. If this is not the situation, rest assured, you are hiring a law firm that can handle the litigation aspect as well as the negotiation aspect. Contact the Maine Divorce Group today to schedule your consultation. We can see you in our Biddeford or Portland offices or by phone or video conference.

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Divorce is a highly emotional and stressful experience for most people. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Having a strong divorce attorney in your corner can help ensure that you and your children walk away from this process with the best opportunities available for future success and happiness.