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Dissolution of A Long-Term Marriage in Maine

Divorce following a Long-Term Marriage in Maine

dissolution of a long term marriage maineIf you have been married for quite some time, you might face some unique challenges in a divorce. You might feel uncertain or have a fear of the unknown. You might not feel that you are making the right decision, simply because of the longevity of your union. You might be worried that you will not reasonably get the assets you deserve or that you will be assigned most of the debts. The attorneys at the Maine Divorce Group understand all of these concerns. We have helped many clients in your situation successfully navigate their divorce. When you need a family law attorney in Maine, look no further than our group of skilled attorneys. 

Gray Divorces are Common

You are not alone in seeking a divorce after decades of marriage, also known as gray divorce. Married women who are over 50 seeking a divorce accounted for nearly five percent of divorces in 1990. By 2017, that number had risen to 10.3. Part of this increase could be related to the fact that more older women are receiving divorce decrees that are fair and reasonable, making such a divorce more worthwhile. To receive a divorce that doesn’t just benefit your spouse, you need a Maine family law attorney who has experience representing other clients just like you.

Division of Property and Financial Issues

No matter how long you have been married, two of the most tumultuous topics you will need to resolve are the division of property and other financial issues. A divorce essentially takes one household and splits them into two, requiring careful budgeting from both spouses. Additionally, all marital property will need to be divided. If you made a valid prenuptial agreement, it will be divided according to that document. If not, Maine uses the standard of equitable distribution or community property to determine how assets and debts are divided in a divorce. If you have been married for a long time, you likely have many assets and perhaps some that are complex. The courts will consider the following factors when dividing property in your divorce:

  • Each spouse’s contribution to acquiring the marital property, to include the contribution of a homemaker spouse
  • The property value set aside for each spouse
  • Each spouse’s financial situation at the time that the property is divided, such as giving the spouse who has custody of the kids the family home or allowing them to remain in the home with the children for a reasonable amount of time

Rely on a Maine Divorce Attorney to Get You Through a Gray Divorce

Although our attorneys work with you during your divorce and not nearly as much after, we know the long-term ramifications that dissolution of a decades-old marriage can cause. We care about your future, even when we don’t have to experience it. You can come to use during this often overwhelming and confusing time. Our attorneys can explain your various options in language that you can understand. You are in control, and we support your decisions.

Receive your consultation today from the Maine Divorce Group. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you take the necessary steps towards the new life that awaits you. Contact us today to find out more.

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