Same-Sex Couples: Child Custody Issues in Maine

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized in Maine since 2012 and federally since 2015. All states are mandated to recognize a same-sex couple’s right to marry, but this doesn’t prevent legal issues from arising when they separate or divorce. Many married same-sex couples (as well as domestic partners) with ...

By |August 8, 2023|Child Custody, Family Law, Same Sex Couples|

What Can DHHS Do to Make Me Pay Child Support in Maine?

If you’re ordered to pay child support in Maine, the laws here provide several ways to enforce the commitment. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is empowered to collect both current and overdue child support. Any DHSS notices about collecting support should not be ignored as doing ...

By |July 31, 2023|Child Support, Family Law|

Paternity and a Father’s Rights in Maine

Paternity comes with many rights and responsibilities in Maine and it’s important to understand what these are if you’re a father. Whether your paternity is ”presumed” through marriage or you need to establish paternity through legal action, the same father’s rights and obligations apply and the same protections are ...

By |May 24, 2023|Family Law, Father's Rights, Paternity|

Understanding the Family Court Process in Maine

If you have a matter that goes before the family court in Maine, it helps you to understand the procedures and processes that your case will go through to reach a resolution. Here, we outline the steps involved whether it concerns divorce, child support, spousal support, parenting, or another ...

By |May 16, 2023|Divorce, Family Law, Marriage|

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders in Maine

Pensions and retirement plans are often key assets in a relationship so, if you’re going through a divorce in Maine, you’ll need to resolve with your spouse what happens with these assets. To make changes to pensions and non-governmental retirement plans governed by ERISA after a divorce, you will ...

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