Understanding the Gray Divorce Phenomenon in Maine

Despite popular belief, divorce rates in the United States have been slowly declining since the 1980s, though it remains one of the highest in the world. The declining trend is bucked, however, in the case of couples aged over 50. Divorce rates among these couples have doubled since the ...

By |May 28, 2024|Divorce, Family Law, Gray Divorce|

How Domestic Violence Could Impact Your Divorce in Maine

Divorces are rarely straightforward, but in marriages where domestic violence is or has been a factor, the matter becomes even more complicated. If a spouse, other family member or individual residing in the same household has been a victim of physical abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, emotional abuse, or another ...

By |May 10, 2024|Divorce, Domestic Violence, Family Law|

What to Know Before Starting the Divorce Process in Maine

Before starting a divorce in Maine, becoming acquainted with some of the basic requirements and items to prepare for a divorce in the state can make the process as smooth as possible. The eligibility requirements, costs, time it takes, and whether to hire a lawyer are all important considerations ...

By |April 23, 2024|Divorce, Family Law|

Learn About Your Family Rights in Maine

Family rights refer to the rights and responsibilities of parents. In Maine, these rights are rigorously protected by law. When parents' divorce or separate, the family rights remain, but parents must work out a way to share the rights and responsibilities in the best interests of the children, which ...

By |April 5, 2024|Family Law|

Is Common Law Marriage Recognized in Maine?

Common law marriage is not recognized under Maine law. This means that disputes over debts, assets/property, or any other matters concerning the end of the relationship will not be handled in the same manner as spouses in a divorce. However, this does not mean that if you have lived ...

By |March 11, 2024|Common Law, Family Law|

Calculating Child Support Payments in Maine

When couples with children separate in Maine, the matters of parenting and child support are high on the list of issues to resolve. How much child support must be paid to whom are important questions that the Maine courts want to see settled in the best interests of the ...

By |February 25, 2024|Child Support, Family Law|

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