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Signs Your Separation Could Lead to Reconciliation

Going through difficult times in a marriage is almost inevitable at some point. When this happens, there are several ways of dealing with the situation. Some couples try to tough it out and see if they can come through with their marriage intact, some choose to live apart during ...

By |January 15, 2024|Family Law, Legal Separation|

Can I Evict My Spouse After Separation in Maine?

Unlike many states, Maine does not stipulate a minimum separation period before a couple can file for divorce in the state—only a minimum 60-day waiting period between the filing of all the necessary divorce paperwork and the final hearing. In practice, during this 60-day period (and often for a ...

By |December 29, 2023|Family Law, Legal Separation|

Divorce Settlement Agreement Process in Maine

A Divorce Settlement Agreement may be referred to as a Marital Settlement Agreement or Separation Agreement. This legally binding document outlines the terms and conditions by which a marriage ends (or a legal separation begins) and the spouses begin a life separate from each other. Such an agreement may ...

By |December 15, 2023|Divorce, Family Law|

Mistakes to Avoid During Your Separation in Maine

Separation may be the start of the divorce process in Maine — or a trial period that serves for reflection and to remind a couple that they belong together and should try to make it work. When the separation process begins, therefore, it’s generally best not to make too ...

By |November 30, 2023|Child Support, Family Law|

How to Make Your Divorce Easier and Less Costly in Maine

Anyone who tells you that divorce is easy probably has no first-hand experience of one. Things can get messy and expensive as emotions take over, especially if a battle ensues and both spouses want to be seen to “win”. This is, thankfully, the exception to the rule. Most divorces ...

By |November 30, 2023|Divorce, Divorce Mediation|

Child Support Enforcement Laws in Maine

If a parent with an agreement to pay child support — or who has been ordered to do so by the Maine courts — refuses to pay or stops payments, help is offered by the state to collect these payments on behalf of the child. Child support enforcement measures ...

By |October 27, 2023|Child Support, Family Law|
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