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Paternity and a Father’s Rights in Maine

Paternity comes with many rights and responsibilities in Maine and it’s important to understand what these are if you’re a father. Whether your paternity is ”presumed” through marriage or you need to establish paternity through legal action, the same father’s rights and obligations apply and the same protections are ...

By |May 24, 2023|Family Law, Father's Rights, Paternity|

Understanding the Family Court Process in Maine

If you have a matter that goes before the family court in Maine, it helps you to understand the procedures and processes that your case will go through to reach a resolution. Here, we outline the steps involved whether it concerns divorce, child support, spousal support, parenting, or another ...

By |May 16, 2023|Divorce, Family Law, Marriage|

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders in Maine

Pensions and retirement plans are often key assets in a relationship so, if you’re going through a divorce in Maine, you’ll need to resolve with your spouse what happens with these assets. To make changes to pensions and non-governmental retirement plans governed by ERISA after a divorce, you will ...

What’s the Difference Between Annulment and Divorce in Maine?

Annulment and divorce are quite different concepts in Maine. Whereas most people understand that a divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage, annulment is less well understood. Essentially, annulling a marriage means that no valid marriage ever existed and it is expunged from the records. Let’s take ...

By |December 30, 2022|Annulment, Divorce|

Protect Your Children with a Prenuptial Before Remarrying

Prenuptial agreements are not just about protecting the assets that you have accumulated during your lifetime. They can also help you protect children from a previous marriage. If you are married more than once in your lifetime, financial matters can become complex. If you have had multiple past spouses ...

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