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What are a Father’s Rights in Maine?

The parent-child bond is probably the strongest one that most people know and it is not broken by a divorce or separation. When parents separate, life must continue and couples must find a way to limit the negative consequences for their children. That’s easier said than done, of course, but ...

By |March 30, 2022|Family Law, Father's Rights|

Changing or Enforcing Final Orders in Maine Family Matter Cases

Final orders issued by the Maine Family Court, such as a child support order, can be enforced by the authorities. If, however, a change of circumstances is substantial enough to justify an amendment to the order, the appropriate legal steps can be taken for the family law courts to arrange ...

Annulment & Prohibited Marriages in Maine

  Many people are unaware of the fact that there is more than one way to formally end a marriage. Everyone is familiar with divorce, but many people are unfamiliar with annulment. The only real similarity between divorce and annulment, however, is that both of these processes result in the ...

By |November 18, 2021|Annulment, Divorce, Legal Separation|

Primary Residence and Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Maine

Knowledge of the family law system in Maine helps you navigate your divorce and the judicial system with greater ease and less anxiety. If you have minor children and are planning on divorce, or are already underway, there are key concepts that impact you, your children, and your co-parent as ...

An Overview of the Guardian Ad Litem Process in Maine

Divorces are never pretty, but some circumstances are likely to make a divorce more ugly than it normally would be. One such circumstance is a “custody battle,” which occurs whenever the parties engage in a heated dispute over custody of their shared children. For obvious reasons, this type of situation ...

By |November 8, 2021|Divorce, Guardian Ad Litem|

Does Adultery affect Alimony During Separation and Divorce in Maine?

You may be considering divorce, or your partner has now suggested separation.  Regardless of circumstance, understanding the bigger picture of divorce in Maine can work to your benefit—especially if you have questions about the faithfulness of your spouse. Divorce is the process of dissolving a legally recognized relationship.  Each couple ...

By |November 5, 2021|Alimony, Divorce, Legal Separation|
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