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Does Adultery affect Alimony During Separation and Divorce in Maine?

You may be considering divorce, or your partner has now suggested separation.  Regardless of circumstance, understanding the bigger picture of divorce in Maine can work to your benefit—especially if you have questions about the faithfulness of your spouse. Divorce is the process of dissolving a legally recognized relationship.  Each couple ...

By |November 5, 2021|Alimony, Divorce, Legal Separation|

Child Custody in Maine: When is a Parent Unfit?

During divorce, few issues are as contentious as child custody.  In some cases, one parent may claim the other is unfit. Casting doubt on the parenting skills and intentions of an ex-partner is an age-old ploy of parents jockeying for a better custody arrangement during separation or after divorce. But ...

By |November 1, 2021|Child Custody, Guardian Ad Litem, Unfit Parents|

Child Visitation and Custody Laws in Maine

When a married couple with children separates in Maine, life can get complicated for a while. Balancing the immediate and future needs of the children with suitable child custody and parenting arrangements is often extremely challenging. Parental rights and responsibilities are treated very seriously in Maine and it is important ...

An Overview of Property Division in Maine

Along with child custody, property division is among the most challenging issues involved in a divorce. When couples divide up marital property, this division is a clear visual representation of the separation. What’s more, because of the fact that Maine is an “equitable distribution” state, people often scramble to make ...

An Overview of Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Maine

Parties who are preparing for a divorce in Maine know that they have plenty of things to think about. Even if all the details aren’t fully known, most people understand that divorce can be a fairly complex process. Paperwork needs to be filed, fees need to be paid, various requirements ...

By |October 7, 2021|Contested Divorce, Divorce, Uncontested Divorce|

Alimony Guide for Spousal Support in Maine

When a marriage breaks down, financial issues often take center stage. One of the key issues is whether alimony (more commonly called spousal support now in Maine) is payable by either spouse. The key consideration for this is usually whether either spouse requires financial support to aid the transition to ...

By |August 18, 2021|Alimony, Divorce, Spousal Support|
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