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Whether the decision to divorce is yours, your spouse’s, or a mutual one, the process doesn’t happen overnight.

Whether the decision to divorce is yours, your spouse’s, or a mutual one, the process doesn’t happen overnight. When you decided to marry, you likely did a fair amount of planning regarding where you would live, how the finances would be handled, and if you would have kids.

The dissolution of a marriage requires planning as well. The better prepared you are going into your divorce, the better the outcome and your life in the future. 

Getting divorced can be overwhelming, and you might not be sure what you need to plan before you pursue the process. This is just one reason why connecting with a well-versed family law attorney in Maine can help your divorce end with a better outcome.

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Gather Necessary Divorce Documentation

In most divorces, gathering and reviewing pertinent marital asset and liability information is one of the most time-intensive tasks. You can be proactive and save time if you can gather some or all of the documents you need before the divorce process starts.

Your attorney will need these crucial documents to help determine the full value of your assets and liabilities.

Their values will determine what you end up with when the divorce is finalized. If your spouse is generally the one to handle the financial side of your marriage, it is even more critical that you gather these documents as soon as possible.

Documents you should gather ahead of time if possible, include:

  • Banking statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Receipts
  • Information about retirement or investment accounts
  • Titles and deeds
  • Insurance policies

Consider Your Next Steps Post-Divorce

You also need to consider what your life will look like after you have your final divorce decree.

Where will you live? Do you want to stay in the family home? What kind of custody arrangements do you desire for your children? Are there vehicles you want to keep? These are substantial factors in your life that shouldn’t simply be left to circumstance.

Think about your goals and discuss them with your Maine family law attorney. Your attorney can help make sure you are considering all of your options and guide you in the best ways to pursue your goals. 

Remember Your Children

All of your decisions during this time period will impact your children.

It is essential that you also take the time to ensure you are making decisions that will be beneficial for them or, at the very least, not harmful. When the court reviews your parenting plans, they will be looking to see what is in the best interest of your children.

It is better to make plans with that in mind than to have the judge dictate what should happen. 

The Maine Divorce Group Can Help You with Pre-Divorce Planning

No matter if your divorce is simple, high asset, or somewhere in between, the lawyers at The Maine Divorce Group are here to help you prepare. Even couples who do not have children, have little assets, or have not been married for long need to have a plan and be prepared going into a divorce.

The sooner you hire an attorney, the better your outcome could be. To receive your case consultation, contact us today.

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Divorce is a highly emotional and stressful experience for most people. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Having a strong divorce attorney in your corner can help ensure that you and your children walk away from this process with the best opportunities available for future success and happiness.