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Alimony & Spousal Support in Maine

Maine Alimony Spousal Support Attorneys

Among all of the issues that divorcing couples must deal with, alimony is one of the most volatile ones.

If you are the spouse who stayed at home or only worked occasionally to help raise your family, you likely need this type of support to start a new life. If you are the bread winning spouse in the home, you don’t want to pay more than you have to pay.

No matter which spouse you can relate to, the team at The Maine Divorce Group can help. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is spousal support in Maine?
  2. How is spousal support calculated in Maine?
  3. Let an alimony lawyer at the Maine Divorce Group help

What is Spousal Support in Maine?

The terms alimony and spousal support can be used interchangeably. It is a mandatory payment that goes from one spouse to the other to maintain the well-being of the other spouse in the divorce. Alimony can be permanent or temporary, and it can be either a lump sum or paid in timed installments. Spousal support is based on the fact that divorce should not impoverish either spouse. By receiving this financial support, one spouse should maintain the same lifestyle that they enjoyed during the marriage. Generally, the court will award alimony if:

  • One spouse cannot make a sufficient living
  • One spouse is the primary caretaker for a child
  • One spouse does not have enough assets to support themselves

The purpose of alimony is to create two financially-stable households from one single household. However, if you do not have quality legal representation from an experienced attorney, your alimony agreement could be negligible, or you could be paying way too much. You won’t know unless you speak to a family law attorney in Maine. 

How is Spousal Support Calculated in Maine?

There is no specific formula that Maine family court judges use to determine how much alimony a spouse in a divorce should receive. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. However, it is gender-neutral, meaning either spouse can receive it. The judge will contemplate many factors to make a determination about spousal support. These factors include:

  • How long the parties were married
  • The ability of each spouse to pay alimony
  • The age, employment status/history, and potential of each spouse
  • The education and training, financial plans for retirement, and health insurance benefits of each spouse
  • Homemaker contributions made by each spouse
  • If either spouse committed any economic misconduct that decreased their marital assets
  • How long it would take either spouse to become self-supporting

Let an Alimony Lawyer at The Maine Divorce Group Help

At The Maine Divorce Group, many of our lawyers are skilled at uncovering assets and investigating during divorce cases. We can ensure maximum fairness when it comes to spousal support. Whether you will be on the paying or receiving end of alimony, our attorneys know how stressful this determination can be. When you hire one of our attorneys, we go to work, ensuring fairness in every aspect of your case. We can help you negotiate alimony, or if necessary, we can take it before the judge and let the court make a ruling. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us today and scheduling your case review. 

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