MM v. RM


Divorce, with a serious child custody battle.


Ever had to deal with a family bully who tries to control your life? Who now uses the children as pawns on a chessboard? Who refuses to pay his or her fair share of child related expenses and support? Who hires another bully to represent them, so they can continue to bully you in the courtroom? Our client was tired of being bullied by an unreasonable, soon to be ex-husband, so she hired us to fight back.


Despite numerous attempts to resolve the case amicably, including multiple mediations, this case ultimately went to trial. The “bully attorney” for the other side was from “away” and didn’t appear to understand the subtle differences in the law between her home state of practice and Attorney Bly’s home state of Maine. The “bully attorney” also didn’t appear to have as much trial experience as she initially claimed, and as such, her client was completely dismantled during cross-examination at trial. To make matters worse for the other party, a few days prior to trial we had offered a significant reduction in child support, which was lower than the guidelines required, as well as an extra day of visitation for the father. Unfortunately for him, the “bully attorney” turned down our eminently reasonable olive branch offers, telling us that her client wouldn’t have to pay more than $25 per week, and he’d have the kids for the extra day anyway. Fortunately for our client, our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys who prepare a divorce trial like it’s the most important thing in the world; because it is. Our client was awarded primary residence of the children, child support in an amount that was higher than what we initially asked for, the marital home, and attorney fees. While it always pays to be reasonable, it also pays to be prepared to try a case when the other party proves to be unreasonable.

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Divorce is a highly emotional and stressful experience for most people. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Having a strong divorce attorney in your corner can help ensure that you and your children walk away from this process with the best opportunities available for future success and happiness.